Salubria C.1757

Historic Salubria is a 1757 Georgian-style historic house built for the Rev. John Thompson and his wife, Butler Brayne, the widow of Alexander Spotswood. The Georgian brick home was skillfully constructed by enslaved craftsmen that we are still working to identify. Though it has been the backdrop to three centuries of American experiences, the home itself remains remarkably untouched.

Salubria is an excellent example of 18th century architecture. Visitors move through an unfurnished, preserved though not restored interior, featuring extensive wood paneling as a unique example of 18th-century artisanry. Though the exterior landscape has changed, one can still make out the terraces of its elaborate “falling garden.” Equally informative are the numerous documented outbuildings that no longer exist.

Today, Historic Salubria is a public history site under the stewardship of Historic Germanna sharing local stories and national history through public tours, event rentals, and partnerships.

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