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Honoring the lives of African Americans in Culpeper, Virginia

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Zann Nelson created the Right the Record program, in an effort to balance our collective histories. “Imagine a community that acknowledges and honors the histories of all its sons and daughters” – Nelson.

Nelson and the African American Heritage Alliance (AAHA) presented a booklet of initial stories documenting only a few of the lives of African Americans in Culpeper, Virginia to the Town of Culpeper in February 2022. Working with the Town, the AAHA is sharing these stories in hope they will be shared widely until the knowledge becomes commonplace and well-known in Culpeper and beyond. It is but the beginning and will continue to grow.

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The Town of Culpeper would like to give special thanks to the core members of the African American Heritage Alliance, without whom the Right the Record program would not exist: Angela Chapman, Simone Logan, Zann Nelson and Michelle Tutt. The wealth of data is from the Angela Jeffers Chapman Collection. Thank you.

Special consideration: the Right the Record project is a living project, and as such is subject to updates and edits as new information and documentation is uncovered. If you have information you would like to share or contribute, please email: [email protected].

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