Moving Meadows Farm

Moving Meadows Farm, LLC is a family owned and operated whole-grain bakery and farm-to-table producer of pasture raised meats. The store and bakery are located in historic downtown Culpeper. Regional farmers provide many of the grains used in the bakery. The Austrian stone grist mill produces the flour that becomes whole-grain breads or cinnamon buns and you can watch the milling process. Moving Meadows values transparency so the whole production is on display. From the milling of the grain, to the making of the dough to the baking of the bread, you can see where your food comes from. From the farm to your plate, all year round, you can enjoy delicious chicken salad sandwiches served on homemade bread. Dine in or take out, seasonal soups are also served. Homemade cookies, muffins, or famous Dutch Chocolate Cake would nicely complete any meal. Besides all-natural meats, other items available at the store include delicious gluten free granola, ready to drink Grandma’s Switchel, whole grain pancake mix and other natural products. Five miles from the downtown store, the farm consists of beautiful pastures with mountain views. Sustainable techniques are used to produce grass-fed beef and goat, free range chicken, turkey and all-natural farm fresh eggs. The key to soil building and carbon sequestering methods is moving the animals frequently. With daily moves to fresh paddocks, the animals constantly graze healthy grass, with yesterday’s field left to rest for months at a time. This practice is best for the land, best for the animals and ultimately best for our health. Feeding Friends Like Family, we strive to feed the community as we would in our home. Major events: Culpeper’s Carnival, July 4 Car Show, Thanksgiving turkeys.


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