Historic Haunts & Fall Activities in Culpeper, Virginia

September 14, 2022 Food & Drink Things to Do

Historic Haunts & Fall Activities in Culpeper, Virginia Image

Culpeper, Virginia is well known for its quaint downtown, picturesque mountain views, and excellent cuisine, but it is also home to several historic haunts, ghost tours, fall farm experiences, and award-winning wine and craft beer everyone can enjoy this season. Here are just a few of the attractions and experiences you will want to add to your fall bucket list this year:

Must See Historic Haunts

The Old Hazel River Inn Pub

“Grass Rootes” Known as the oldest commercial building in Culpeper, VA, now known as a local restaurant by the name of Grass Rootes, this property is carries behind it a profound history. Over the years and during it’s time, the property was used for a variety different businesses, as well as a Jail for both the Union and Confederacy during the 1800s. Many local workers and county residents today share personal experiences and stories that leave us to believe that it’s possible that spirits from this locations past still roam throughout the building today.

Grass Rootes

Graffiti House

Brandy Station, VA/ Culpeper – Located within the Brandy Station area, where one of history’s greatest Calvary engagements occurred, is the Graffiti House. Once served as a field hospital, it was also the headquarters facility for the Federal forces during the winter encampment of 1863-1864. Soldiers from that time period made drawings and wrote their names/unit on the walls of house. Presently, they are being preserved and can still be seen today. After several investigations it is thought that several Civil War soldiers still haunt this historic location.

Culpeper Paranormal Ghost Tours

Join Culpeper Paranormal Investigations for a guided walking tour to hear tales of past lives, both famous and infamous. Tour guides offer historical information on the buildings and events that may shed light on why Culpeper residents from the past still walk among us. Helping visitors experience the paranormal activity that weaves throughout the Historic Downtown during this leisurely paced tour of the haunted streets of Culpeper! At the end of the tour, Culpeper Paranormal will have their equipment on display so you can learn how they approach investigations.

Fall 2022 Ghost Tours Scheduled: 10/3 & 10/24

Ghost Tours

Fall Experiences & Activities:

Culpeper’s Annual Farm Tour

Fun for all ages, the tour will showcase both traditional and unique farms in the beautiful Blue Ridge foothills that make up Culpeper County. The event provides a wonderful educational experience and includes an array of hands-on activities and demonstrations. The 15 carefully selected farms and ag-related businesses on the tour reflect Culpeper’s agricultural heritage and the millions of dollars in production, wages and salaries generated by the agricultural industry in our county and state.

Culpeper’s Fall Farmer’s Market

Visitors can find seasonal, local, farm fresh produce, pumpkins, mums and more at the Fall Farmers Market in Culpeper. Located in the parking lot at the Culpeper Baptist Church you can stop by anytime between 7:30am – 12pm every Saturday through October to see what new seasonal items are available to sample, explore and purchase.


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