Culpeper Events



Play with Small Goats and Alpacas

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are small and love people, they will nuzzle you, climb on you, jump on you and just love you up if you allow them. You might also find a spirited butting between goats who are jealous of your attention so be prepared for anything.

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Fishing, Get Out in the Fresh Air Again, No License Required

Fishing and picnic enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors while watching goats and alpacas play.

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Scavenger Hunt in the Great Outdoors

A fun and educational scavenger hunt has been set up on a small working farm.

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Tom & Pat Seay's Cattle Drive Weekends

Enjoy a long weekend in the great outdoors, full of beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance and working more than 100 head of cattle with Tom and Pat Seay.

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Baby Goat Yoga

Beginner level yoga featuring adorable baby goats and lots of snuggling.

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