Macoy Building

Location: 202 East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA

  • Piedmont Lodge No. 75 opened in 1888 in Culpeper under an exemption granted by Past Grand Master James H. Jonson. The lodge applied for dedication to be established, which occurred years later.
  • Sawney Payne was the Worshipful Master, and he composed a letter requesting what necessary requirements were needed for dedication of the lodge.
  • In 1910, Piedmont Lodge No. 75 again applied and was accepted. The lodge was dedicated on May 18, 1911.
  • The Colored Masons’ headquarters and meeting venue was on the upper level of Macoy’s Drug Store at 201 East Davis Street.
  • Members were elected to hold various offices within the organization.
  • The Piedmont Lodge No. 75 was formed to assist with and actively participate in community and social activities and continues to be a prestigious and highly respected organization in the African American community.
  • The Piedmont Lodge No. 75 celebrated their 67th Anniversary on May 27, 1978. The anniversary celebration included recognizing honorees, Past Worshipful Masters, Brother Thomas L. Brock and Brother Harry L. Payne, Sr.
  • Later it was chartered as Virginia Free & Accepted Masons, Inc– Piedmont Masonic Lodge #75 F & A Masons located in Culpeper, Virginia.
McCoy Drug Store

Macoy’s Drug Store

The Colored Masons headquarters was located at 202 East Davis Street. Their office was on the second floor.