Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant

Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant

The Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant is designed to stimulate new advertising, marketing and promotional activity for businesses and organizations in downtown Culpeper. The Culpeper Tourism department brings this grant to you with matching funds from a Downtown Investment Grant secured through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. Culpeper Tourism has partnered with Culpeper Renaissance Inc., who will be administering the funds disbursement.

What is the Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant Program?

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the economy. As the Commonwealth of Virginia slowly reopens for business, Culpeper Tourism in partnership with Culpeper Renaissance Inc. is offering these grant funds as a first step to re-enter into the marketplace to spur economic activity and consumer behavior.

Eligibility Footprint

Eligibility Footprint


  • There is $30,000 in the Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant Program
  • Minimum award of $250, maximum award of $1,500. All funding requests within this range will be reviewed.

Deadlines, Payments and Reports

  • This is a first-come first-serve open grant. There is no application deadline, the Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant will remain open until all funds have been disbursed.
  • The Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant funds are disbursed on a reimbursement basis upon receipt of documentation of project expenses.
  • A final report is required at the end of your project. Projects should be completed within 6 months of award notification date.
  • Applicants must score a minimum of 48 points in order to receive funding.

Program Documents

  1. The Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant Program Overview provides complete program details, including application questions and example answers - available for download
  2. The Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant Application - available for download 

Program Overview


Eligible Expenses

  • Digital marketing – search engine optimization, banner and website advertising, and other electronic marketing initiatives are eligible expenses.
  • Social media marketing initiatives, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Influencer Marketing – contracting influencer marketers. Applicants must read, review and sign a copy of Culpeper Tourism’s Best Practices for Influencer Marketing.
  • Production of photography and video footage. Any such materials produced should be offered for use by Culpeper Tourism, Culpeper Renaissance Inc., and Virginia Main Street and should comply with Culpeper Tourism Usage Rights.
  • Outdoor advertising, such as sidewalk displays, building signage, window displays, banners, etc. and installation costs are eligible.
  • Special events costs associated with event branding and promotion are eligible expenses.
  • Non-traditional forms of promotion – such as murals, unique art installations, performances that increase visitation and awareness. Promotional art must be tied to your business/organization and the products or services you are promoting. Exterior murals and installations are subject to the Town of Culpeper approval and the Architectural Review Board approval.
  • Placement of advertisements (includes print ads, digital, social media boosts, co-op advertisements, radio, television, etc.). Ads must promote the applicants business/organization and or downtown Culpeper to patrons and visitors.
  • Printed materials – brochures, rack cards, promotional and sales materials, window displays, and banners.
  • Website development – new development, e-commerce development, and creative updates to existing websites are eligible. Maintenance fees for websites are NOT eligible.
  • Creation of mobile marketing applications so long as they are measurable. This includes mobile applications and other related programs.
  • Fulfillment costs – fees associated with mailing collateral materials as a result of the marketing project.
  • Innovative ideas – just because it’s not listed, doesn’t mean it won’t be approved.

Non-Eligible Expenses

  • Administrative expenses including office space, salary and personnel costs, office supplies, office equipment, normal office postage, other administrative costs and overhead costs, are not eligible expenses.
  • Ongoing maintenance and hosting fees for websites are not eligible expenses.
  • Costs for tangible goods and products for resale are not eligible expenses.
  • Special event costs associated with personnel or operating costs are not eligible expenses.
  • Costs of applicant businesses promotional items (such as business pens, pencils, t-shirts, hats, general merchandise, stickers, etc.) are not eligible expenses.

Application Process

  1. Download and complete the full application (above), including the marketing calendar and budget.
  2. Email completed applications to
  3. Applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of the application.
  4. Application reviews will take roughly two weeks to fully process.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This grant is intended to help businesses and organizations in downtown Culpeper with recovery marketing from the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  2. Only recognized businesses and organizations in downtown Culpeper are eligible to apply. Applicants need to be properly licensed with all local taxes paid to date.
  3. Funds must be used for recovery marketing only. Operational expenses are not allowed.
  4. Completed applications must be submitted by emailing No other application delivery formats will be accepted. Grading of applications is expected to take roughly two weeks.
  5. This is a first-come first-serve grant program. The program will remain open until all funds are disbursed, or by May 31, 2021, whichever occurs first.
  6. Upon approval of your application, reimbursement funds will be available immediately. Applicants will be required to submit documentation of project expenses (receipts, proof of payment).
  7. Any changes in the applicant’s program that arise after notification of award must be submitted in writing and approved in writing by Culpeper Tourism. Failure to do so may result in default and any funding awarded to date may be refundable to Culpeper Tourism.
  8. All programs should be completed within 6 months of the award notification date.
  9. All program placements must be completed no later than May 31, 2021.
  10. Culpeper Tourism and Culpeper Renaissance Inc. must report on the effectiveness of the Culpeper Downtown Micro Marketing Leverage Grant to our stakeholders. We must show a return on investment of the program. To that end, you will be required to provide a brief final report on the effectiveness and outcomes of your programs.
  11. A final report must be submitted to Culpeper Tourism within 60 days of the completion of the program detailing the results of the project. The final report is a simple summary of the results and other outcomes of your project. A report template will be supplied.
  12. Failure to provide the final report, or failure to meet guidelines stated in the application, may result in businesses/organizations being in default and any funding awarded to date may be refundable to Culpeper Tourism. If Culpeper Tourism must refund funds because of the applicant's action or omission, the applicant must refund the same amount to Culpeper Tourism. 



Please contact the Culpeper Tourism team by phone: 540-727-0611 or by email: