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The Spirits of Brandy Station Paranormal Investigation

  • October 15, 2021 - October 17, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 1:00 AM
  • $35-$50
  • The Historic Fleetwood Church
    19526 Brandy Road
    Brandy Station, VA 22714
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The Spirits of Brandy Station Paranormal Investigation

Join Spirit Guides Paranormal, Haunted MD, Transcend Paranormal, Madison Area Paranormal Society, Shadow Walkers Paranormal, Fife Paranormal, and Lunar Paranormal for an epic, two-night paranormal investigation of the Historic Fleetwood Church and two locations on the Brandy Station Battlefield: Fleetwood Hill and the ruins of the St. James Church. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE $15 EVENT AT THE GRAFFITI HOUSE.


Our pro investigators will lead you on a trip through time during this seven hour special Halloween event! The Historic Fleetwood Church (decommissioned) sits on hallowed ground, looking towards the Brandy Station Battlefield, the location of the largest cavalry battle of the Civil War. Our historians will tell you the epic tale of war and faith. Then, those who are bold enough to join us will hear the stories from the spirits themselves.


This is more than an investigation. It is an event, filled with the sights and sounds of the past -- a story by the campfire, Civil War-era tunes played on a violin, the rich history of Brandy Station told by the local experts, psychic readings, and more!


Our investigators will be dressing in Civil War-era, period-appropriate clothing. They will be walking, talking, trigger objects that are bound to increase the interest of the spirits we encounter from that era. We would like to invite our guests to dress up, as well. Civil War-era clothing is perfect, but not necessary. We do have some guidelines, though:


1. First and most importantly, please keep in mind that during the investigations on the Brandy Station Battlefield, you will be walking around outside, in the dark. The Fleetwood Hill location is a field, and the ruins of the Saint James church location is an overgrown copse of trees. Please don't wear costume masks that block your vision or anything that will be too difficult to walk and move around in.


2. What you wear will have an effect on the spirits and how they respond to our investigation. If a costume is inappropriate because it's too gory, too provocative, or for some reason would be considered a danger to you and the other participants, we reserve the right ask you to change it or deny you admission to the investigation. We're not going to be strict, but we do want to ensure a safe investigation for everyone involved.


Will you join us?


Choose your night: Friday, October 15th or Saturday, October 16th, 2021


Please note: Friday night and Saturday night are two separate investigations. Each night requires its own ticket. For each night, check-in begins at 6pm, and the investigation runs until 1am.


No one under 16 is allowed to participate in the investigations. Participants between 16 and 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has the authority to sign a liability waiver on the behalf of the minor.


Proceeds from ticket sales go towards the restoration of the Historic Fleetwood Church.


NO WEAPONS AND NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED at the Historic Fleetwood Church or on the Brandy Station Battlefield. Spirit Guides Paranormal and cooperating teams reserve the right to ask anyone with weapons or alcohol to leave immediately.

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