Team Penning Practice

  • April 03, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • $5 per run; FREE to watch
  • Andora Farm
    17275 Germanna Hwy
    Culpeper, VA 22701
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Team Penning Practice

Andora Farm has been hosting Team Penning for the last 25 years! Bring your own horse to practice or to learn the sport of team penning. All are invited to come watch the evening's event for free!

Team penning is a western equestrian sport that evolved from the common ranch work of separating cattle into pens for branding, doctoring, or transport.

Today it is a fast-paced event that gives a team of three riders on horseback from 60 to 90 seconds (depending on the class or the sanctioning of the event) to separate three specifically identified cattle from a herd of 30, and put them into a 16' x 24' pen through a 10' opening, at the opposite end of the arena.

The sport features 30 head of cattle, typically yearling beef cattle (mature cows or bulls are not allowed), with numbers affixed to their back, three each wearing a number from 0 through 9 or with colored collars attached. Timing starts once the line judge has dropped his flag as the lead rider's horse crosses the foul line. At that time, the announcer identifies the cattle to be separated by calling out a randomly drawn number or collar color. The riders must cut out the three head that have been nominated, take them to the opposite end of the arena, pen them and call for time.

Concessions available onsite. 

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