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As we head into another beautiful Virginia spring, it’s a great time to get outside and exercise your green thumb—especially while social distancing. The current state of self-quarantine has let many people to look into gardening and homesteading. Across Culpeper, local farmers and vendors can help you plan and put together the perfect home garden. Whether you are looking to grow your own salad fixin’s, fill your yard with beautiful blooms, or just spend your money at local gardens and farms, we’ve got you covered.

Grow at Home

Many Culpeper vendors are taking steps to change up their business practices to meet best practices during COVID-19.

For seedlings to propagate in your flowerbed or floral arrangements to brighten your kitchen, check out Shenandoah Garden Spot. The best method is to call 540-825-8733, but you can also email In addition to plants, this garden spot also sells décor items for indoors and outdoors.

Bring a bit of exotic color home from Ben Van Wingerden of Color Orchids. His greenhouse is packed with incredible potted orchids, which can bring life to a home for months at a time. Email for more information at or call 540-399-1499.

Open for solo appointments, and offering delivery or pickup options, Morningside Farms and Nursery is updating its available plant list online and encouraging pre-orders. Morningside is the spot to get perennials, herbs and other specialty plants and offers descriptions for all available plants, helping locals plan the perfect mix. Reach out to George and Karen Moseback to set up an appointment or make an order: or 540-547-3726.

Wollam Gardens specializes in unique cut flowers including peonies, ranunculus, tuberose and much more. These blooms bring a dreamy quality of luxury to your florals. Reach out to Anne Montgomery or Aein Sultiff: or Alternately, call 540-937-3222 or 570-690-0573.

Support Local Farms

Buying from local farms is an amazing way to support the community and enjoy the freshest possible meat, produce and other products while at home.

For those looking to mix up their cooking, visit the Virginia Bison Company at Cibola Farms. This sustainable farm cares for a herd of bison, adhering to holistic, humane and ecological raising practices. You can purchase all kinds of cuts of bison including steaks, roasts, sausage, ground/patties and many more. Contact Rob Ferguson at or 703-628-6757.

The pantry at Bees & Trees Farm is packed with all kinds of goods to elevate your meals at home. Barbeque sauces, fruit butters, jams and preserves, salsas, and syrups are all available to top some of your favorite foods. You can also pick up coffee and tea including the Bees & Trees Anniversary Roast or English Breakfast Honey Tea. Get in touch with Teresa at or 540-423-9020.

Moving Meadows Farm is a great one-stop shop thanks to its variety of offerings. You can pick up grassfed livestock cuts including chickens, goat and beef, as well as baked goods (made from freshly ground whole grain), eggs, and more. Email Wally and Amy Hudson, or or call 540-317-5862.