Culpeper’s Best BBQ Joints

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Culpeper’s Best BBQ Joints


One of the great debates in life is where to find the best barbecue. The second great debate is how to spell barbecue. BBQ? Barbeque? The least we can do is settle the “where” in Culpeper … but you’re left on your own to choose the spelling.

Locals, visitors, and those passing through always seem to sniff out one of these three establishments for barbecue. Indeed, the smell of smoking meat is a dramatic lure whether you’re hungry or not. Taste, debate, and sound off with us on Facebook.

Uncle Elder’s Family Restaurant

The food at Uncle Elder’s is truly homemade, and from family-perfected recipes. The meats are hickory-smoked for as many as 14 hours and feature homemade rubs. It’s no secret that Uncle Elder’s is where you’ll score the best ribs in Culpeper. And the building? It’s a historic treasure. “The Stable” is significant to Culpeper’s Civil War history. It’s where the war’s most important horses were kept – those of Generals Grant, Lee, Jackson, and Stuart, all of whom occupied Culpeper at various times.

Back to the food …

You don’t have to take our word for it that Uncle Elder’s is one of Culpeper’s best barbecue establishments. Simply look to public review forums and you’ll find what you need to know.

“The food was probably some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had.” – Trevor H., Washington, DC

“Best BBQ around hands down … the BEST collard greens I have ever had!” – Paula H., Culpeper

“Pulled pork bbq best I’ve had in a long time.” – Renee R., House Springs, MO

“Brisket almost doesn’t need BBQ sauce. Weird to say about a BBQ spot but awesome flavor!” – Carlo G., Springfield, VA


Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ Company

All of the sauces at Shawn’s are handcrafted for your tasting pleasure, and you’ll also find great palate-pleasing flavor in their juicy, house-smoked meats. After you’ve tried it, you may become a little green with envy. Should that distasteful emotion arise, squash it and become a pit master yourself.

Shawn’s BBQ School is a full day of hands-on training that includes tips for setting up your own backyard barbecue. You won’t labor in vain; lunch will literally be what you make it. Barbecue Champion Kit Rudd of the Deguello BBQ Competition Team will lead you through everything you need to know.

What Shawn’s patrons have said:

“O. M. G. Awesome Bbq all around.” – April M., Chapel Hill, NC

“Some of the best BBQ I HAVE EVER HAD!” – Diane G., Littleton, CO

“Dear Shawn, While I do not know you personally I feel like we connect on so many levels. Where do I begin with my love for you and your BBQ company?” – Elizabeth W., Virginia Beach

“Awesome! I would eat here everyday (sic) but I think I would have a heart attack. Amazing BBQ!” – Nate H., Boiling Springs, PA


Burnt Ends BBQ

“True Texas BBQ” has arrived in Virginia in the form of a dry-rub family recipe and skilled slow smoking. The meats, sides, and sauces are homemade and fresh for each day. The trick to trying Burnt Ends is to find them! This BBQ rolls around, as the “establishment” is actually a food trailer that roams. Find them most often at Lowe’s on Montanus Drive, but they’re also known to frequent local wineries and breweries.

Here’s how those who have eaten Burnt Ends view the goods:

“Great brisket and pulled pork sandwich … also enjoyed the Bbq sauce. I’d definitely hit this up again in a heartbeat.” – Me M., Washington, DC

“Tasty Texas-style BBQ with delicious, spicy (but not overly so) sauce. Pulled pork tacos were delicious and the meat was very tender and not too fatty.” – Jaclyn S., Jeffersonton

“… overjoyed by the size of the sandwich that was packed with juicy junks of pork.” – Thomas C., Manassas

Eat well and often in Culpeper.